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Every month there are some great prizes up for grabs, kindly donated by some of the companies who have joined our community. Don't miss your chance.

The Virtual Realm

Exploring the digital universes that reside inside your PC, gaming console or stand-alone VR rigs. From hardware to the apps that take you to new worlds.


In this series Jo Belgrave will share some of the wonderful places to be found just outside the main centres, to inspire local and overseas visitors to explore!

Spotlight Features

Special features that come about throughout the year. They may focus on anything from a specific product to a geographical region.


Every month we offer up a selection of recipes for meats, sweets and tasty treats. Remember to buy local produce and ingredients, and support kiwi-made.

App time

Every month we hunt for a neat App you may not be aware of, those little digital helpers that could be a game, a utility, or just something dinky.